Introduction to the world of your own eCommerce store!

Building an eCommerce store and our service to rent an eCommerce site


Pay online via bank card

Choose from a wide variety of payment to your liking like bank card or e-wallets, and we will integrate it in your website.

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Package transfer is no longer a problem!

You can link your website with any capable delivery service for the easy of mass delivery.

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Automate database and sending data

We can synchronize your website with external eCommerce and advertising platforms. This can get more pontential customers and income to your business, don't miss it.

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Stable and fast website

Our self-developed Laravel based webstore engine will not slow down. It is stable, secure and fast even if it has to deal with a few hundred thousand products.

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eCommerse store SEO

This special SEO system is automatically taking care of SEO for every product in your eCommerce store.

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Rent is not the only option:
Be the owner

Like a regular place in real life, you can be the owner the eCommerce store we built up for you to boost the income of your company or business.


Not only eCommerce stores

It can be any service site, a summary portal, a real eastate office, a work-applicant site, or something else with the task to dynamically handle numerous amount of elements.

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Custom design

Instead of the usual eCommerce templates get a personal, unique design as you imagine Your store, sky's the limit!

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Be different than others!

Get an eye catching layout to stand out from the template crowd with the functionality and appearance as You imagine!