Responsive webdesign

A website must be: visually appealing, fast, work as predicted and achieve it's goal.


UI, the user interface of the website

The first impression is the most important. Cliché? It doesn't matter if it is, because it's true.Webdesign sells. A lot of entrepreneurs make a mistake when they settle down with the good old look of their site and it doesn't change for years. Maybe these entrepreneurs don't know how subconscious work in the mind of people. As trends change with more and more companies change to modern layout(with our rivals included), an outdated appearance on a site is associated with being fallen behind, vintage in a bad way, boredom, in a worst case scenario "this is cringy", and makes people feel this way. We can be creditable in our own profession, but this image will be shattered and customers will not buy our products - and often they don't know bad design turned them down.

UX, the user experience

A good webdesign is not only visually appealing, not just unique, it is functional as it should be. This is a large scope of things and recommended to hire a professional to tackle it. What's the motion of a human eye on a website? Where we want the visitors to click? What layout makes shopping easier? Everything feels nice and "snappy" from the point the visitor arrived to the site to a purchase? Why users are leaving our website? User Experience Design is looking for answers to these questions.

Responsive website {CSS}

Nowdays, it's mandatory to display information, educational material correctly on every screen size: Wide monitors, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. This is what the term responsivity means, and it's the base principle of Pro Online.

Attention! A non-responsive site is not only outdated, hard to use on a phone, but it's an automatic rank down in Google's organic search results.


Unique plan for your design

Do you want a website what is representing the philosophy of your business or your personality??

You can ask for an appointment for a cunsultation from a webdesigner, with years of experience behind. Make an appointment!

Webdesign from template

The methods worked many times in the past, usually will work in the future. Webdesign is no exception. Great, tailor made templates are ready for you to choose from. We split it into fractions, customize it, personalize it, then put it back together. These templates are finished and optimized. The menu, fonts, colors and complementary colors had been tested and evolved based on numerous responses. Nothing can go wrong, even better that this solution is way more cost effective like a unique Photoshop design from scratch.

The 2019 design trends

In 2019, web developers realized people are not interested in staring at perfect models in every single site.I nstead of this, sophisticated graphics, and the icons looking like standalone design elements replaced the old trend. Are you interested in finding out more about what else went down in webdesign trends? Read our article!

Webdesign restoration

Is your website still unresponsive? Sections are oversized to a smartphone or too small to see without zooming in? Sorry, but this is not tolerable in 2019. If you want to change this, leave it to us! Did your website became outdated? Change to the 2019 webdesign trend! We make new sites and fix old sites to be up to date!