Frequently Asked Questions

The key is right webdesign. If the user's experience is pleasant and easy to understand on all devices it will make a good impact on the customer.

Your website will be ready quicker with SEO already included ,so you don't have to go to another company for it.

You can get it by filling the Request form . Our colleguaes will make the offer for you and send it to your email address. If you verify it, we send the specific agreement document and an advancement bill. We meet in person to specify all the details, we begin development only after that.

From 2 days to 2 months. A lot depends on how simple is what seems smiple.

1 month and a test phase for fine tuning settins on the running site. We don't have the capacity to work on more than 30 projects, making a website is pushed to the side, but we always inform our customers about this.

The eCommerce store only take a few days or weeks. Uploading products is mostly nonstop, and recommended to get our maintenance service offer.

We don't do that, but we have many partners with storage and domain services, and we always recommend inland providers, but we always find other solutions if needed.

The answer of Tanay Marcell (project leader): 2 senior programmers who supervise the actual project. 5 web developers with knowledge in other languages, they help in smaller chunks of tasks, 30-50 junior web developers with good education. 3 designers and 2 photographers, a cameraman and a video editor.This is the staff we have right now.

Small and medium companies, schools, institutions, organizations who are lack of employees for web technology. It is not cost effective to hire someone specifically for this instead of an experienced team like Pro online.

On top of that, for eCommerce stores ,it is a neccesity to be maintained and up to date.

The collaboration with us is often a long term plan for small or bigger companies with a site built from thin air, in a few days maximum. Their needs are the same, large visitor count, and we can do it, but it's smart to keep an eye on how visitors behave and rethink or replan the website to be more adaptive to specific customer needs. A third step is improving the performance of the site and making it user friendly.

For two reasons: the employer or the employee. The missing content often makes stops progression.Pro online has a solution: If we don't get the desirable content in time, we create it ourselves. Doing research, phone calls, interview,or a few photos are no problem, and if the website is not too niche specific, we fill in the holes in the content.

The other reason is lack of developers. We are advanced enough to have enough motivated developers and capacity waiting for assignment.

If you get one of our monthly packages you are the owner, but for 12 months Pro online has all rights. After 12 months passed, you get all rights and access, the whole content and the source code.

Pro online is TAX free at the moment and you shouldn't worry about it. In case it would change, we inform you before you'd have any problem.

What languages are used for building websites?

We get rid of issues or problems for free after shipment. For development or changes it is recommended to choose one of our monthly fee bundles with maintenance included. These contain content modification, font modification, design element modification, images modification, internal link placement, adding a new product, etc.

For monthly subscribers (or in case of a serious new module request), we do it based on a new agreement with our well known quality and quick development..